Fine Motor & Sensory Activities

This piece of equipment will be great for providing vestibular input which helps kids understand their position in space. It could be alerting for kids who are lower arousal or calming for kids who are higher arousal.

Kids will also work on upper body strength while holding on, which will help improve fine motor control for playing with small toys or writing. The kids will have to balance while spinning which will work on core strength needed for postural control while up and playing or sitting to do schoolwork.

Movements to target:  Spinning! Lean backward or forward to change speed of spinning.

How to incorporate other kids:  One child in the middle or up to 3 friends on the outside for more intense spinning.

Language Activities

If multiple children are enjoying the G2 you can focus on turn taking. This also allows your child to make choices: “spin”, “fast”, “slow”.

Words you can use to prompt child:

“Hold on tight!”

“Lean forward and then backward!”

“Stop”  “Go”  “Up”  “Down”

“Ready. Set. Go!”

“1-2-3, Go!”

Song: Ring Around the Rosey

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