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Hand Cycler

Gross Motor & Fine Motor Activities

Use arms to rotate equipment to work on upper body strengthening and motor planning. Pedal forward or backward!

Hold handles with thumbs around them to work on grasping when child or parent is rotating the equipment. Great activity to provide sensory input for the body to improve movement and coordination!

Language Activities

Sing: “The Wheels on the Bus” while cycling

Play “Red Light Green Light” to focus on following directions. Alternatively, use “Go” and “Stop”. Example: “Ready, set, GO! Go go go…now STOP!”

Language stimulation prompts:

“Ready, set,           ” wait for child to say “go”

Focus on shape-Prompt by modeling: “Let’s make big circles” “Arm circles” “Round and round”

Focus on speed/actions-Prompt by modeling: “Let’s go fast! Weeeee!”  or “Let’s go slllloooowww.”