Sensory Carwash

Fine Motor, Gross Motor, & Sensory Activities

Create an obstacle course hitting only certain colors and/or shapes for motor planning and color/shape identification.

Have child feel the different textures on their hands and feet for tactile (touch) input.

Move through the car wash acting like different animals (i.e. bunny, crab, frog, fish, bear) for sensory input to increase body awareness for improved coordination and movement.

Hang onto a car wash piece and swing!

Stand or sit on the ball while holding the rope to work on dynamic sitting or standing balance!

Language Activities

Language Stimulation prompts:

Single words to model for imitation: “Wee” “Boom” “Bounce” “Wiggle” “Run”

Focus on actions/what you can do: “Walk/walking/we are walking” “Bounce/bouncing/we are bouncing” “Push/ push it,” “Swing/ swinging,” “Go through it”

Focus on shapes: “Long” “Round” “Skinny”

Focus on textures/how things feel: “Smooth” “Bumpy” “Wavy”

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