Shadow Play Tri-Runner

Fine Motor & Gross Motor Activities

This piece of equipment provides movement to increase alertness and engages core muscles to improve balance.

Movement- Try and have child hold on tightly to rope with hands and see if they can squeeze their legs together and wrap their legs around each other to target inner thigh leg muscles to increase strength. Also try leaning head back for more advanced children to have chest away from rope to increase core strength. Spinning is very good for our vestibular system but we want to make sure our children don’t get too dizzy to the point where they become ill, listen to what they are telling you or their facial expressions.

How to incorporate other kids- get the kids to sing together and get them to ask each other if they want to go faster or slower with the spinning and why they made that choice. Have kids take turns pushing each other under supervision.

Language Activities

Prompt with: “Ready. Set. Go!”

Counting 1,2,3,4,5

“Hold on tight”

“Tell me faster or slower”

“Tell me when you are all done or if you want more.”

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