OutPatient Center

Physical Therapy Services

Our physical therapy services focus on maximizing a child’s functional independence in the home and community. The primary emphasis of physical therapy is the use of the large muscles of the body– gross motor skills. These skills include mobility, sitting, crawling, walking, climbing stairs, balance, coordination, and postural control. Proprioception (awareness of body in space) and muscle strengthening are also incorporated into the physical therapy session.

Occupational Therapy Services

Occupational therapy services focus on improving a child’s functional ability to perform tasks in the home and in the community. Primary areas addressed by occupational therapists include the use of small muscles for fine motor tasks– especially those performed by the hands. These tasks might include such things as feeding, dressing, coloring, writing, and cutting. How a child processes sensory input and various visual tasks are also incorporated into an occupational therapy session.

Speech Therapy Services

Speech therapy services focus on improving a child’s ability to communicate with family and friends. Primary areas addressed by speech therapists include receptive language, expressive language, and speech intelligibility. Other areas addressed include oral-motor/feeding skills, play skills, and social/interactive skills.