Melody Chimes

Fine Motor & Sensory Activities

Grasp mallets and hit chimes to make music! Raise them high and hit chimes to increase shoulder range of motion and reaching; grasp them tight and hit chimes for sensory input and increased grasp for fine motor skills.

Be a dancing robot! Determine particular movements to go with a particular note or rhythm. For example, high notes could mean marching in place or clapping hands; low notes could mean doing a hop or raising arms in the air. This is a great way to receive auditory input of different notes and listening for notes to follow movement instructions.

Gross Motor Activities

Caregivers can work on motor planning of following a simple beat that the caregiver can demonstrate. Start with a simple 2 beat and see if the child can follow with the same speed/rhythm and increase the difficulty with more beats to follow and see how close the child can mimic or copy the same beat!

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