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The total number of therapy visits completed weekly by our specialized pediatric staff.

Jacob’s Ladder serves seven counties across Northwest Indiana including: Porter, Lake, LaPorte, Jasper, Newton, Pulaski and Starke.

What Parents Have to Say:

"A chance.  A chance to thrive and reach your fullest potential.  Isn't that what any parent wants for their child?  Especially a child with special needs."

-Brandi R.

“I began to understand the little person that was inside my son. He was finally starting to communicate and we were discovering who he was inside.  Every time we came, we felt like [Jacob’s Ladder] was a safe place where everyone cared about us, and everyone was so friendly! They understood and it felt like we were all going through the same thing.”

-Susanna S.

“I don’t think I, as a 33-year-old woman, could do what she has done in just 2 short years of life.  Doctors at Lurie Children’s couldn’t believe the progress she’d made when I updated them by phone.  It wasn’t until she was there, in person, for a checkup that they finally said to me, ‘You weren’t exaggerating!’  I love our therapists!” 

-Sarah P.

Giving Hope to Families of Special Needs Children

A gift today means YOU can be a lifeline, helping a child gain access to life-changing therapy services!