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Roller Table

Fine Motor & Sensory Activities

Have child sit up tall and pull bars with both arms, if able, to move self down the table for increased tactile (touch) feedback, strengthening upper body and grasp, and auditory (hearing) stimulation. Good for sensory processing!

Modified version: if unable to sit up, child can lay on stomach or back with parents helping move child along table by using hips or shoulders, have child try to keep head up (watch long hair if trying this way!)

Do the Superman or Silly Bug! (Helps increase strength of the trunk which is important for fine motor tasks) Parents/relatives will have to help child move along table when holding these positions.

Superman: lying on belly with arms and legs lifted off rollers; aim for straight arms and legs

Silly Bug: lying on back with arms crossed over chest, legs bent, and head lifted off surface

Gross Motor Activities

Have the child go through in all planes: on their back, on their stomach, and on both sides of their body. Also go through not only hands first but feet first!

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