Free Developmental Screening Programs

Jacob’s Ladder offers free developmental screenings for children to ensure they are meeting milestones in a range of areas. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

Keep Your Kiddos on Track

Jacob’s Ladder provides free developmental, hearing and gut health screenings for children as well as feeding screenings for moms and children. Together, we’ll make sure your little ones are hitting their developmental milestones.

A Lactation Consultancy is part of this free program.

Newborn / Infant Feeding Screenings

Provide baby and mom effective feeding screening with our lactation consultant to ensure functional latch, suck/swallow/breath rhythm and successful feeding sessions for baby along with comfortable, pain free experience for sweet momma.

Developmental Screenings

Provided by our pediatric specialists, you will be matched with a therapist to screen developmental milestones, identify strengths and gap areas along with what to look for next and any follow up.

developmental screenings
children hearing screening

Hearing Screenings

Available with a trained hearing screener,  your specialist will screen your child’s hearing utilizing an Otoscope (to look inside the ear), a DPOAE (to graph the sound waves) and a Tympanometer (measures ear drum movement). Your specialist will provide pictures and graphs along with results.

Gut Health Screenings

Scheduled with our Certified Gut Health clinician, learn about the connection of good gut flora and improved thinking, attention, and concentration for your child. Screenings completed via parent reporting tool and virtual meeting.

Gut health is important to monitor in children.
A free developmental screening can be done virtually for your convenience.

Virtual Consults Available

Upon request, you will be matched to a specialist in your area of concern for a phone consultation about your child’s development, potential red flags, and options available via traditional and non-traditional therapies, school and community.

Make an Appointment

Jacob’s Ladder offers developmental screening appointments free of charge. Contact us or send an email to to schedule an appointment for you or your child.

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