Guiding Your Child’s First Steps

Receive experienced care and support through the Indiana First Steps Program.


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Jacob’s Ladder is a participant in the Indiana First Steps program. Our staff has over 50 years of combined experience in pediatric care. Our team of dedicated therapists have specialized training and certification in pediatric therapy and are trained in a variety of specialty techniques and programs.

Eligible Children Ages 0-3 Receive These Services at Home

Physical Therapy (PT)
Focuses on the development of gross motor skills, ensuring the effective use of arms, legs, trunk, and head for improved mobility and functionality.
Occupational Therapy (OT)
Fosters the growth of adaptive and self-help skills, emphasizing the enhancement of sensory-motor integration, movement coordination, and fine motor skills.
Speech-Language Pathology (SLP)/Speech Therapy
Prioritizes receptive communication (comprehending what is said) and expressive communication (speaking clearly so that others can understand).
Developmental Therapy (DT)/Early Childhood Education
Concentrates on crafting learning environments and activities that stimulate holistic development across cognitive, physical, communication, social, emotional, and adaptive domains.
Indiana First Steps

Indiana First Steps

Providing essential care for your child’s well-being, in the comfort of your home.