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Donate to the Blythe Leer Scholarship Fund 

Blythe Leer was a brilliant Pediatric Speech Pathologist at Jacob’s Ladder who passed away in a car accident in January 2021. She was known to her friends, colleagues, and patients as kind, generous, and always willing to teach. The Blythe Leer Scholarship Fund was created in honor of her and to carry on her life-long impact for future children. 

The Blythe Leer Scholarship Fund 

It is Jacob’s Ladder’s goal to provide the children of Northwest Indiana the opportunity to breast feed, swallow, eat by mouth, and speak clearly without difficulty. To achieve our goal, we provide speech-language pathology (SLP) or speech therapy to help meet the developmental needs of the child. This service helps children with developmental delays or special needs learn to comprehend what is being said (receptive communication) and develop skills to speak so that others can understand (expressive communication).

The Blythe Leer Scholarship Fund allows Jacob’s Ladder to provide speech and feeding services to children who apply for subsidized therapy sessions, helping them reach their full potential.  

blythe leer scholarship fund

About Blythe Leer

Blythe believed nobody should be held back by burdens outside of their control. As a Pediatric Speech Pathologist at Jacob’s Ladder, she devoted her time and talents to helping children in need develop speech and language skills that will last a lifetime. Her favorite part of being a speech therapist was seeing the difference she could make in a child’s life. 

Blythe joined Jacob’s Ladder as a student, joining the team full-time after she graduated. Her talent in helping children feed and swallow emerged quickly, and as a leader on the team, she often collaborated with other therapists to ensure that each child received the best possible care. 

Help Us Continue Blythe’s Work 

Your generous gift will help us carry on Blythe’s work and provide more children with developmental services they need now in order to help them reach their full potential in the future.