Jacob’s Ladder Policies

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Consent for Services & Release of Information


Rehabilitation therapy (occupational, physical and/or speech therapy) is a patient care service that is provided in order to manage a wide variety of conditions. Services are provided to individuals of all ages regardless of gender, color, ethnicity, creed, national origin, or disability. The purpose of rehabilitation therapy is to treat disease, injury, and disability by examination, evaluation, diagnosis, prognosis and intervention by use of rehabilitative procedures, mobilization, massage, exercises, and physical agents to aid the patient in achieving their maximum potential within their capabilities.

Response to rehabilitation therapy intervention varies from person to person; hence, it is not possible to accurately predict your child’s response to a specific modality, procedure, or exercise protocol. Jacob’s Ladder does not guarantee what your child’s reaction will be to a specific treatment, nor does it guarantee that the treatment will help resolve your child’s condition for which you are seeking treatment.

It is your right to decline any part of the treatment for your child at any time before or during treatment. It is your right to ask your therapist about the treatment they have planned based on your child’s history, diagnosis, symptoms, and examination results.

Consequently, it is your right to discuss the potential risks and benefits involved in your child’s treatment.

As the parent and/or legal custodian of the patient, you have read this consent form and understand the risks involved in rehabilitation therapy for my child and agree to allow your child to fully cooperate, participate in all procedures, and comply with the established plan of care; and hereby authorize the release of my medical information to appropriate third parties; and acknowledge that I have received a copy of the Notice of Privacy act. This consent and acknowledgment are confirmed by your initials and signature on the Acknowledgment of Information form.


Financial Policy


Jacob’s Ladder Pediatric Rehabilitation Center, Inc. is committed to providing the best medical care available.  It is important to understand that our credit and collection policies are a necessary part of assuring the continuity of this for our patients.  The Financial Policy of Jacob’s Ladder Pediatric Rehabilitation Center, Inc. is as follows:

  • IN NETWORK: You are responsible for any co-payments, deductibles, or co-insurance payments at the time of service.
  • OUT OF NETWORK: You are responsible for any co-payments, deductibles, or co-insurance payments at the time of service
  • SELF-PAY: Our billing department will contact those patients with no insurance to set up payment arrangements.
  • PRE-CERTIFICATION/PRIOR AUTHORIZATION: It is your responsibility to notify us if your insurance company requires pre-certification or prior authorization.
  • CHANGES IN YOUR INSURANCE: It is your responsibility to inform us of any changes to your account including the insurance carrier, insurance identification number, Medicaid type, address, phone number, etc. Failure to report such changes may result in non-payment for services by your insurance carrier; you are responsible for all charges for services.
  • If unusual circumstances make it impossible to meet our billing terms and financial policy, please discuss this matter with our Billing Department at 219-764-4888.

Filing Claims with Your Insurance Company: Prior authorization and/or pre-certification for services by your insurance company is not a guarantee of payment services. As a courtesy to you, Jacob’s Ladder will assist you with filing claims with your insurance company. However, your insurance coverage is an agreement between you and your insurer.  It is your responsibility to remit payment for charges not covered by your claim and to ensure that your carrier remits payment. If a problem occurs with your claim, you will be required to establish written financial arrangements with our office until your insurance problem is solved.

We Accept Cash, Checks, And Visa/Mastercard. If a check is returned for non-sufficient funds, a $40 charge will be assessed to the account as well as the bank fee. These fees along with the amount of the NSF check must be paid prior to another appointment being scheduled.

A patient balance exceeding two hundred dollars ($200.00) will result in the patient being placed on hold until the balance is either paid in full or a financial arrangement is established for payment.

An insurance balance exceeding two thousand dollars ($2000.00) will result in the patient being placed on hold until reimbursement is received from the insurance company.

Insurance Authorization And Assignment of Benefits: I hereby authorize Jacob’s Ladder Pediatric Rehabilitation, Inc. to furnish information to my insurance carrier(s) regarding my illness or injury and treatments, and I hereby assign all payments to Jacob’s Ladder Pediatric Rehabilitation Center, Inc. services rendered to my dependent or myself.

I understand if the insurance company sends payment directly to me, I am RESPONSIBLE for turning payment over to Jacob’s Ladder upon receipt of the check. (FAILURE to do so will result in me being responsible for the total balance due on the account in full.)

I understand that I will be charged for any medical record requests made to Jacob’s Ladder. The rate will vary depending on the number of pages and all charges must be paid before records will be released.

I understand that I am responsible for any and all charges, costs, and fees incurred during my evaluation and treatment program at Jacob’s Ladder not covered by my insurance carrier(s). In the case of no insurance coverage, I am responsible for payment in full. If I am unable to pay the balance in full, it is my responsibility to make financial arrangements and make regular payments on my account balance until paid in full. Further, I understand that all delinquent accounts are turned over for collection to a third-party agency if no payment is received for 60 days. My account will then be subject to collection and/or related fees and attorney’s fees, which will be my responsibility.

I consent to the above financial policy as confirmed by my initials and signature on the Acknowledgment of Information form.


Therapy Attendance Policy


It is expected that families make every effort possible to attend scheduled appointments.  When therapists establish a plan of care for your child, they base the goals and progress shared with the insurance company on the child having consistent therapy sessions.  The success of treatment sessions depends on consistency and timeliness.   In the event that a family does have to cancel, it is strongly encouraged that it be rescheduled, even if it is with another therapist. Jacob’s Ladder therapists appreciate it when another therapist provides care for one of their reoccurring patients. It gives the therapist new ideas and a different perspective to include in your child’s treatment plan.  Jacob’s Ladder therapists are always in close communication with each other.  Any other concerns regarding your child, please discuss this with your therapist.



  • If you must cancel an appointment due to an illness or emergency, contact the front desk 24 hours before the scheduled appointment or a $25 fee may be assessed. Our office staff will then ask for your availability to reschedule the appointment.  If the appointment is not rescheduled within a rolling week then that missed appointment will count as a cancel.
  • When an appointment is rescheduled it is expected that your child will attend. Multiple cancels and reschedules require reviewing the child’s schedule and determining if another time may be more beneficial.
  • Please verify with the front desk any appointments that will be canceled due to a vacation. We request to receive this information at least 14 days prior to the date which will be missed.  We are unable to hold any time slot more than 2 consecutive weeks due to a vacation.
  • In the event of inclement weather that may be a safety concern, contact our office if you are unable to make it to the appointment. A fee will not be assessed and a reschedule will be offered.
  • Frequently canceled appointments (more than 2 canceled appointments of any discipline for every 8 scheduled) will be a basis for removal of your reoccurring appointment schedule. You will then be encouraged to schedule with more flexibility: scheduling on a week to week basis after each attended appointment.



  • Failure to cancel or to appear during an appointment is considered as a no-show. A $25 fee may be assessed. Please contact our office immediately to discuss future appointments.
  • If we are unable to reach you within 3 days after a no-show appointment, your child’s appointment time will be automatically offered to another child waiting for services.

Behavior Compliance Policy


Maintaining a safe and therapeutic environment for your child is important to us as an organization. However, patients may present with behavioral issues that can be disruptive and/or potentially harmful to themselves or others.   If your child presents such behavior while attending Jacob’s Ladder, our staff will do our best to work with them to manage these issues as best as we are able, while at the same time protect the staff and other clients from harm.

If your child presents disruptive/harmful behaviors during their therapy session, you will be notified by our staff as to:

  1. How we attempted to manage it.
  2. Whether anyone was injured and if any medical follow up is recommended.
  3. Possible triggering incidents of the behavior.
  4. Recommendations for managing the behavior going forward.

If over time, your child continues to exhibit behavior that is dangerous or harmful to staff and/or other clients, your therapist may recommend discontinuation of services until the behavioral issue(s) is resolved.  Your therapist may also recommend alternative therapy options (e.g., ABA therapy) to assist with resolving the issue.

Therapy Team Approach & Student Observation Policy


At Jacob’s Ladder Pediatric Rehabilitation, we take a team approach to providing therapy. As such, circumstances occasionally arise (illness, training, etc.) that necessitate a change in provider for a scheduled appointment. We reserve the right to make these changes without notification provided the time and location of therapy is unaffected.

Jacob’s Ladder Pediatric Rehabilitation partners with universities to promote student education and training. We offer shadowing and observation hours to students pursuing a degree in related therapy fields. Due to the open layout of our facility, a student may observe more than one child in the clinic at any given time. We reserve the right to have a student observe a therapy session in our facility and participate on a patient’s treatment team.